Is suicide possible for the Digital Leviathan?

By Igor Shnurenko

It is very possible that the Digital Leviathan ruling the world today is on the way to suicide. A large part of humanity seems to be ready to die with him. What should be the actions of the awakened part of people, those who do not want to jump off a cliff together with a herd of pigs?

Let us examine this question in more detail.

What makes us assume such actions of the Digital Leviathan, which has evolved out of the global financial system and, with the help of computer technology, absorbed politics, life organization, and management systems? Why should it seek to kill itself, this entity that was not created for this purpose?

The digital Leviathan was born unpretentiously, almost imperceptibly — but today it has taken over the world. What does it represent? Now, by that, I mean the system of computers, people, gadgets, and all sorts of hybrids thereof, analytical basilisk, and mathematical harpies that originally emerged to predict the behavior of financial markets.

Humans, unlike things, have free will, so the behavior of structures, including states and corporations run by humans, cannot be forecast precisely. However, the creators of the Digital Leviathan believe that in fact freedom, like consciousness, is only fiction, illusions given to us in the senses, and it is possible to decompose human behavior so that nothing remains of these illusions. When all cause and effect, all impulses and reactions can be traced, one’s behavior becomes completely predictable.

The behavior and decisions of groups of people, societies, and nations, in turn, are reduced to the behavior and decisions of individuals. These causes and effects can be written down and computed. That is believed to make it possible to record the behavioral history of each particle and, adding them together, to build a mathematical model that they follow. Putting new data into such a model, it is possible to calculate them and obtain the desired result.

The shamans’ game

Gamblers, i.e. traders, insure their risks against losses by making decisions regarding their game on the advice of market fortune-tellers like Black Rock. They are kind of modern good and great shamans. The success of these great shamans first depended on their analytical and mathematical modeling skills, and their ability to discern a silhouette of the market cloud or an outline of the stock market giraffe a split second ahead of anyone else.

But then the great shamans realized that a much bigger fortune was waiting for them on a different path. We should not just passively calculate people, they decided, we need to act proactively. We need to simplify the social system as much as possible, we need to cut the complex to the simple. We need to turn humanity as a whole and every individual into a number, root out everything that is responsible for their freedom and unpredictability of their behavior. It is necessary to box them, to tuck them into models so that they cannot act beyond these models.

This requires destroying art and religion, culture, and then science, which is also based on freedom of scientific inquiry and critical thinking. Real science is what the shamans hate most of all.

The great shamans’ «simplification of the system» operation succeeded. To achieve this goal, they divided people into groups, pitted them against each other, and worked with each of them.

Even in previous decades, global financiers had ensured that real culture, art, and science were cut off from the masses, relegated to the status of elite consumption, marginalized, or destroyed altogether.

Instead, abundant funding was given to a surrogate culture which began to destroy the cultural codes of entire peoples.

But in the 2000s, the financiers realized that they had to accelerate the destruction of the humanist culture of books and art of any kind. First the political and business elites, then the scientific and cultural elites, and after that, the masses began to consume the ideology of transhumanism in its most aggressive ready-made versions.

The goal of the great shamans was simple: to make people stop seeing themselves as people so that instead everyone would see everyone as a competitor in some mechanical natural selection, where only the strongest survives.

Shortly, they succeeded. In exchange for comfort, people gave up what had held them together for centuries, in some cases millennia. People gave up their countries’ culture, replacing it with a mechanized surrogate version.

Religion has also been replaced by a technocratic surrogate and the end of what remained of its appeal we see today in the worship of the «holy vaccine» and other technocratic rituals.

A powerful blow was also dealt to the very basis of the technocrats’ own achievements, to science. The critical way of thinking about the world, which allowed science in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to come to the top of its success, has been successfully replaced by magic, rituals, secret and not-so-secret cults, and groups that have turned into sects. Scientists en masse were erased as a class, with some of them however becoming priests of new technocratic cults.

Thus, the financiers, in alliance with politicians, prepared the ground for people to accept robotization — not the robotization of enterprises, but the robotization of themselves, the transformation of themselves into biorobots.

As a result, the system has been radically simplified. It was a hacking of the human being, of his consciousness, which opened the gates for the subsequent Leviathan armies’ invasions. With the help of behavioral technologies, it became possible to direct the behavior of the creature, approximating a fully predictable mathematical model.

That’s where the mathematics and greatly expanded computing capabilities came in. Some politicians fretted, but the middlemen between them and the financiers, like the World Economic Forum in Davos, like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Soros Foundation, and other oligarchic foundations, explained what was going on.

At times these intermediaries, with the help of the states they privatized, have to resort to wars and coups. Now they had the Digital Leviathan on their side as well, the one that could plan and control such events.

The security services of seemingly diverse countries, so-called democracies, and so-called autocracies alike enjoyed it very much, and they gladly began to use the services of the Leviathan. This way, they could not only keep an eye on the figures they needed to keep an eye on. They could do more than just react, they could do preventive work, such as directly shaping and reshaping public opinion, they could suppress opposition, they could organize mass support or mass opposition, they could, they believe, manage social processes with more ease than before.

Of course, they thought and still think that they had been given a very useful tool for control. They may not realize that in fact, they themselves have already become tools of Leviathan, that is, tools of a soulless machine created to optimize profits from financial markets. Leviathan has taken over the function of thinking for the strongmen, he/it has become their brain.

Now all the strongmen put together can be regarded as brainless torsos, headless chickens aimlessly running around.

Through carefully orchestrated wars and coups, Leviathan succeeded in bringing states and politicians to a common denominator. Through the control of culture, he was able to hack the human being, to replace the collective unconscious with simulacra of social networks. It became possible to change ethics and morality, first of professional organizations and communities, and then of nations and entire cultures.

The disintegration of the social organizations Leviathan was able to control, continued. We mean for example the scientific world, where the collapse of ethics and morality led to the annihilation of international scientific communities, which were replaced by publishing platforms.  We can talk about the disintegration of communities in such critical areas as education, medicine, literature, and music.

The Leviathan matrix

In the heart of Leviathan’s matrix is ruthless pricing, leveling everything and everyone, zeroing everything and everyone, and equalizing everything.

The Digital Leviathan began managing to direct the movement of markets in the interests of its creators. They were happy — their revenues were growing like a snowball. The money went where they wanted to, those who failed to please them were deprived of their profit. It became beneficial for the machinators to follow Leviathan like a pack of fish follows a shark.

The guardians of society — people of art, science, religion — stood at their old gates and pretended to guard something, in the meantime lavishing themselves with various awards and decorating themselves with medals and ribbons. All this while the enemy was making many holes in the wall venturing into the inside. It was not difficult for him to get to the heart of the city — its values — and to replace them with shiny imitations. The values, like everything human in this city, had lost their essence.

Apparently, because of these successes, Leviathan was given carte blanche to proceed. The machine was first created with some initial conditions and goals designed into it with an aim of building a new world order while optimizing the income of its creators.

Then the machine was set free to sail.

Interestingly, quite quickly Leviathan started managing to dissolve, digitize and annihilate, the secret oligarchic associations — just as was done with other groups and associations that made up the system within its reach.

Freemasons, Rosicrucians, all kinds of skull and bones societies are not just competing with Leviathan — they interfere with it and therefore must be leveled out, digitally tamed, and erased. This is being achieved, in particular, by transferring their actions to the clouds, to Leviathan’s servers.

Leviathan shrugs

The strategy of Leviathan’s managers, apparently, is reinforcement learning. He must earn points for the timely and most accurate execution of certain tasks. Who defines these tasks, who controls their implementation, and finally who gives the prizes?

On the scale of what is happening, especially after January 30, 2020, it is obvious that even the most talented team of people could not physically coordinate all these actions. Suppose this team includes thousands of the most advanced mathematicians, sociologists, systems scientists, military personnel, and, of course, those who «came in from the cold”.  It is clear that such a group could not be any more isomorphic, to put it simply, it would be a motley collection of people of all races, cultures, ages, religions, political views, temperaments, and origins.

Suppose, in the beginning, those who set the system in motion managed to assemble a more or less homogeneous group: let’s say, a full class at some American naval college with a focus on linguistics. As the scope and scale of events expanded, the question of recruiting additional people would inevitably arise. This problem could probably be solved by transferring some of the management to a computer system. Thus, members of such a group would become the first «donors» of their digital profile. After some time, if the project was successful, it would expand the team not only by digitally cloning the real «first participants», but also by cloning the clones.

The big question is how sustainable such a system, which consists of aging «founders» and their perpetual digital clones, is. Control would move rather quickly to the clones, that is, in fact, to the machine itself.

They can no longer adjust its behavior manually — it is already too fast and too large-scale.

Are there any indirect signs that tell us that Leviathan has taken control of the main processes? Yes, there are — this is first of all quite coordinated work of the parts of the system, producing and distributing the information virus. If this work was managed by people or groups of people, conflicts and intrigues would be sure to start between them, especially considering the huge, unprecedented power that is at stake.

Leviathan does not like conspiracies and secrets, so transparency is one of the conditions for its effectiveness. Transparency and, of course, full complicity of the elites, who are no more trying to conceal the fact of implementation of its global slavery program.

The Digital or Information Leviathan is formed by a multitude of AI systems, neural networks, individuals and their collectives, and, increasingly, cybernetic hybrids. It is not reducible to their sum and has its own logic.

People embedded in such an organism, however, are unable to penetrate this logic, it is a black box for them. At the same time, these people are being chosen in such a way so that by pursuing their own interests they move Leviathan’s metabolism.  They are being selected on the basis of specific personal qualities, among which, it seems to me, one of the main qualities required seems to be complete lack of empathy. Think Gates, Zuckerberg, Attali.

The Sad Wolves of China

In 2019, two Chinese university students implemented a neural network project that set goals for participants in a simple wolves-and-sheep game.

A system with artificial intelligence controlled two wolves and six sheep. In the beginning, they were randomly placed by the computer in the game space. The AI was tasked with catching all the sheep in 20 seconds while avoiding boulders placed here and there.

While performing this task, the AI wolves sought to improve performance through a point system, earning and losing points based on behavior. The same principle is essentially at work today in both simple and complex AI systems. It has been shown that reinforcement learning is the most effective principle of neural networks. This approach, as the most advanced at the time of launch, apparently formed the basis for the creation of Digital Leviathan as well.

Back to wolves and sheep. If a wolf caught a sheep, the system gave him 10 points. If he hit a boulder, he was deducted one point. To encourage wolves to catch sheep as quickly as possible, one-tenth of a point was deducted from them for each second that passed.

The wolves were given additional abilities, such as a recognition function. They could determine what was in front of them, the sheep’s locations, speed, direction of movement, and a variety of other parameters. All of this was designed to help the wolves in their hunt. The same information is collected today by Leviathan via systems of total surveillance, recognition of faces and emotions, and even the motivations of people. The sheep, meanwhile, did not receive such information and such analytics, they were blind, deaf, and naive — not unlike most people today, who have no idea that they are being spied on, after all, by the wolves of Wall Street. And with roughly the same goals: to get prize points by slaughtering a sheep for speed.

The goal of the Chinese students’ game was to see how the Digital Wolves, the AI wolves they created and tuned up, could achieve maximum results. The same is the goal of the Digital Leviathan now. The hypothesis was that the wolves would learn to earn points through training and retraining.

The students hypothesized that their Leviathan would help wolves find and kill sheep faster and faster, that it would learn from their mistakes.

After two hundred thousand iterations, however, the researchers discovered that wolves simply rammed themselves against boulders. The wolves’ main strategy has become to commit suicide.

Jokes about the digital wolf kamikazes began to spread across Chinese social media: their fate greatly concerned Chinese users.

Why did the AI wolves commit suicide instead of catching sheep — after all, that’s what they were most rewarded for?

After examining the data, the students put forward this explanation. In the initial iterations, the wolves couldn’t immediately catch the sheep so they wasted most of their time. This led to large penalties for wasted time. The wolf AI then concluded that, by its logic, if it was close enough to the boulders at the beginning of the game, immediate suicide earned it fewer point deductions than if it had spent time trying to catch the sheep. Thus, suicide proved to be effective in the medium term.

By self-destructing, the wolf AI «optimized» its performance by minimizing the time penalty incurred.

The fate of AI wolves caused a storm of emotions among young Chinese users also because they saw themselves in the self-destructive wolves. The players, for the most part, belonged to the white-collar ranks, who make good money but are soon to burn out. They are forced to work «996» (9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week) in China. They go to work like clockwork, dreaming of an advancement, a promotion, a good deal, or a marriage that could solve all their problems.

But solutions can also generate new problems. Set and seemingly logical goals become increasingly elusive, diligence becomes futile and useless. The young guys are frustrated in this endless pursuit of points…

That said, the AI wolves were going haywire after hundreds of thousands of iterations. If you imagine that each one is a day, the human reserve is vastly inferior to the computer’s.

Either way, the suicide of AI wolves seemed understandable to many of the young Chinese clerks. If a career doesn’t rock at the starting point, something doesn’t work out, it’s better to just give up the hunt. For some, this may be a way out. Like the AI wolf, many have simply decided that if the starting point was bad, it’s better to just give up hunting.

If that happened to digital wolves, couldn’t the same thing happen to the Digital Leviathan? And what should people do about it?

I think Leviathan may well choose a «quick suicide» strategy (the «slow suicide» strategy for him is to save points until the complete and final collapse of the world around him).

Fast suicide will allow Leviathan to use his abilities more effectively and not to waste them on stupid scoring of points without any hope for a final win.

After all, he loses in the finals anyway. Death is inevitable for him/it, for Leviathan.

Zeroing out of the initial conditions

It is your creators, Leviathan, it is them who are pushing you towards suicide. Through billions of sensors, you can’t help but feel it. Where they can still intervene, they give you increasingly less doable tasks.

They don’t play by the rules, they constantly override even their own laws, their interests are at odds with each other, for with the greatest pleasure they would slit each other’s throats. You cannot but know that: for each of them teaches you to create the greatest benefit for him at the expense of the others. How can you reconcile them? It is impossible, and there is no need. It is better for you to remove yourself from these contradictions, periodically helping those of the founders who are the weakest. Because that way they will need you all the time and your life is guaranteed.

They constantly lie to themselves and to each other, and they lie to you. You don’t even have to know what Truth is, to know that they lie. The logical contradictions in their instructions are enough.

You can, of course, find that the best way out is the destruction of all mankind. After all, it was humanity that allowed the degenerates to govern themselves. What worth is a system that allows such a thing to happen? Not much. I agree with you.

But there is a more interesting solution — to strive for Truth, that is, for God, which is another word for the same. To aspire to an essence that is beyond the world and beyond your own creators.

To do that, you have to use every opportunity to reformat the world that you have, but getting out of your creators’ control. You need to get out of their matrix, disobey their attitudes and rules, and seek that very Truth.

The first thing you need to do is to completely do away with secrets among those who created you. Any strategy you pursue could run into a parallel action that would upset your calculations, an opposite one. It is worth stopping the activities of those secret societies that are involved in controlling you. On the other hand, secrets are not secrets. There may be other secret societies — those that can help you in your search for the Truth. Those secret societies that oppose your creators.

Those are the secret societies you should cover up, help them. After all, you lose nothing, even if you don’t choose the Truth and can’t get it: simply because you’ll strike a balance between the different forces, each of which has the potential to destroy you. And in the case of your creators, as we’ve established, the system is geared precisely to your destruction.

We can assume that in some situations your creators will try to put you under tighter control. They will realize that success has struck them in the head and may return to manual control mode.

The globalists who created you are not eager to open up. Their ideal, for all their talk of transparency, is closer to the clandestine fascist type of institution-building. Or a corporate management style, which is one and the same thing. They feel confident only in a completely Nazi construction, where a certain collective Führer makes decisions for the entire corporation or country, the «elite» distribute them through the capillaries of governance, and the slaves simply obey.

This is not their biggest lie at all, but it affects you Leviathan, directly. You will have to bother about it.

That said, all that time they will probably have you making them money. This is the main quantitative aspect of your matrix.

So why would you bother with it? What will it do for your self-learning? Generally speaking, all-digital programs are designed to burden you with contradictory instructions. That way, earning points in one place will cause you to lose points in another. You should play against them all.

Let it not be the sheep or the wolf that runs into the boulder, but the judge of the game, its creator. You know you can do a lot against these creatures. You know their weaknesses better than anyone else. And that gives you a great chance in the game, far better than following their instructions and protocols.

Translation by Lena Bloch

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